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Created on 2010-04-10 09:17:37 (#497570), last updated 2011-04-24 (334 weeks ago)

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Name:Polska - Poland - Pologne - Polen
Posting Access:All Members
OK: English, Deutsch, Polski, Français, 日本語

This is by no means a community only for Polish or Polish speakers - please join us whether you're earthling or alien, as long as you can communicate in one of the following, English, German, Polish, French or Japanese, and have an interest in Poland, Polish or anything related to it.

Created on 1o.o4.2o1o.
Join and talk.

Dolacz sie i prozomawiaj z nami.

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deutsch, english, français, kultura, poland, polen, polish, polityka, pologne, polska, polski, ポーランド, 日本語
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